Stellar “special” accounts

Well, all of the user accounts on Stellar are special, but a few of them are extra special: these accounts are created by Stellar and automagically populated with faves pulled from the Stellar database based on particular criteria. Currently, six of these accounts exist:

Stellar Interesting - The most popular and interesting posts on Stellar over the last few days. It’s surprisingly good for such a simple filter. Used to contain some porn and trains (?!) but I, fingers crossed, solved that issue a few weeks ago. For many people, the Interesting account is their favorite thing on Stellar.

Stellar Interesting Links - The most popular links posted to Stellar over the last few days. Again, pretty good stuff.

Fine Vines - The top Vine videos on the site. Only a few a day.

This - You know that thing on Twitter where people say “This.” and then link to something that they think is amazing? People tend to fave those kinds of tweets and this account collects them.

Current status - People also like to tweet “current status:” followed by a link to something (usually to a photo) that demonstrates where they’re at, physically or emotionally, at that moment. Also a very fave-able sort of tweet and collected by this account.

Collected longreads - The newest of these special account, this one collects the most popular longreads on the site. Only one per day, so as not to overwhelm.

And that’s all for now. If anyone has any ideas for special accounts they’d like to see, let me know.

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